We revolutionise debt collection.


Who we are.

PAIR Finance is a digital debt collection company which is registered in accordance with section 10 RDG (Legal Services Act). We are authorised by our clients to work with you to find a solution to the payment of their outstanding amount and achieve an agreement through partnership.

The benefits for you.

Our aim is to work together to find a solution and complete the debt collection process quickly and simply for you. We provide you with individual communication and solution opportunities and a transparent and, above all, fair debt collection process.

Debt collection process

PAIR Finance takes over the whole debt collection for its clients. Our aim is to work with you to find a solution out of court in order to save you further costs and the unpleasantness of legal proceedings.

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Help and support.
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Customer voices.

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Thank you for the excellent advice and quick help. A change in circumstances meant it was no longer possible for me to pay the debt all at once. The people at PAIR Finance offered me an instalment plan which worked for me. This meant I could conclude the debt collection process quickly and did not have to worry about further proceedings. I am pleased that PAIR Finance were so understanding of my situation and, now I have paid the last instalment, I can look to the future with relief. Debt collection is not all bad :-)
Kristina, 31, from Bremen
Because I travel a lot, paying my bill slipped through the net and I landed up in the collection process with PAIR Finance. Although I found it a bit strange to be contacted by text and e-mail to begin with, it really helped to be able to authorise the payment from my mobile phone and pay my bill online. It is annoying to have ended up in the debt collection process, it was a simple procedure which was easily resolved.
Bernhard, 54, from Berlin